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Ok, I got it
Take a trip down memory lane and through nostalgia central..........
Last updated 23/10/2012: Our band and Mini Biog pages. With thanks to you, now over                             hits - Keep tuned to see more additions soon.
Why not search for inacityliving on facebook to see thousands more archive photos that you can save to your computer?
New index lists to certain pages - see top of the page you are viewing. The word 'The' is omitted so if looking for The Grapes pub for instance, it will be under 'G'. Numbers in brackets eg. (2) means there are two different pubs, streets, churches of that name pictured and not the same building twice.
The idea of this site is to share mainly previously unpublished and out of print images, many courtesy of the Liverpool records office archives and the many many contributors that help make this site what it is and I know from lots of feedback that it brings great pleasure. Thank you to all who contribute and visit alike. However, please also see the copyright implications on the contacts page below.
I'm proud to announce that various emails from ex pats have advised me that my website is now doing the rounds on forums and sites in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, S. Africa, the UAE and other British cities. Thanks again to everyone that helps make it a huge success.
Nearly                 photos - Some are old, some are new, some are borrowed but none are
The most on any city's local history site anywhere.............
A bit about me......
The Tenements
Other Liverpool pics
Gerard Gardens & Crescent photos
Pre War scenes Page 1
Mini Biography
Pre War scenes Page 2
My Family Tree
St. Andrews Gardens (The Bullring)photos
Then and Now
Me in the 80s
Down by the docks
Vauxhall & Highfield Gardens photos
Contact details, Credits, Copyright & Links
Post war B&W scenes
Post War B&W- Page 2
Fontenoy Gardens
In a city living 1
Building for the past
Burlington, Portland and Eldon St
In a city living 2
High Rise Flats
In a city living 3
Streets ahead Page 1
Myrtle Gardens
Streets ahead Page 2
Gardens of stone
Old Swan Tennies
Sum Skools
Event Reviews
Other tenement pics
Pop down the local - pubs page one
Model Views
Resident Listings
1950s & 60s style Flats & Maisonettes
Last Orders - Pubs page 2
Music - Our band
My Beatles Stuff
People and Places
My Liverpool Books
Inside Out
The Wallace Case
Some of the pages have lots of photographs and may take a minute or so to load fully when you click on them. If some pictures don't show up, just refresh the page, it'll take you back to the home page, as will clicking on any picture at any time but you can just click on the relevant page again and everything should show up.
If you're looking for something on the site in particular and want to find it straight away -   eg. Margaret Street baths. Go to the 'Buildings' page, type control F3 on your keyboard and a little window will open on your screen. Type in the word Margaret then click return and hey presto. If it's not a building but a street, try the same on the 'Streets' page etc etc...
Useful snippets of information for you to look at...........
It's not often I manage to wangle an afternoon out on my own, so was I glad when faced with some DIY at home to get out and come across this pair of topless strippers in a fine and heaving city centre establishment.
Are you looking for old school photos of yourself or classmates??? In these days of looking back and nostalgia, try this little gem. It's American but I still found 2 pics within 10 minutes, have fun.
Do you believe in ghosts? Forget spurious claims on certain staged t.v. programmes or far fetched books. In the 1990s a car advert was made but upon closer inspection by the director, something very spooky was seen and heard as the car emerged from behind some bushes and as such it didn't pass the watchdog criteria for screening. view it now         but be sure to have your sound up, it's very eerie.
World School Photos
Topless Strippers
Do you want some fascinating information about your birthday?
Did you know that under the freedom of information act, the authorities are obliged to inform you of any pending speed camera offences you have committed but might not be aware of as yet. Click           putting your Registration number in and photographic evidence is provided in case you dispute it.
Just click on here
With songs from the 60s to now - Guaranteed to get you up on your feet - with disco facilities to follow if required - all at a very reasonable rate - book us for your next party - you won't regret it. Listen & See ---->
The only time i've ever lay on the floor with a model ;o)
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